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Julian Friedman was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up with the inspiration of many early German Expressionists. Julian has studied the art and styles of many world renowned sculptors and painters. He has applied there skills in his own unique works. His deep religious beliefs in Judaism are the main inspiration for his works although he enjoys other themes as well. Julian now operates a small studio in the beautiful Central California town of Paso Robles.

Description of Work

Julians main form of expression is through his woodcuts and beautiful handmade calligraphy. Many medium types are displayed in Julians work. His favorite medium is wood which is preferred because it is natural and easy to manipulate. Other works are represented in linoleum, metal and on special paper. Much of the Hebrew calligraphy represents ancient prayers which are used throughout Jewish life. Julians work has been displayed at the San Luis Obispo Gallery of Arts and with several local galleries in Paso Robles and Cambria, California.